Wealthy Direct Sales Women - Donna Allen

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A Must Have If You Are Serious About Your Success 

Donna and the other dynamic women share stories that will inspire you to stay in the game and WIN BIG!
Each of their lifestyles are unique and incredible.You deserve it.
The Wealthy Direct Sales Women say,
"If they did it, then so can you!


In this book you will learn how to:
  • Overcome rejections
  • Keep going even when your family and friends doesn't support you
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Identify your motivators
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Recognize a key player 
  • Build a successful team 
  • Develop yourself as leader
  • Take your business global
  • Develop a winning strategy and more! 
Who Is Donna Allen 
What’s type of conversations take place when You’re not around? Words like Impact Player, Life Changer,Giver, Peacemaker, are just a few words that describe
those conversations that are had about Donna Allen.
Growing up in a small town called Bogalusa, Louisiana, the quest to become a millionaire was imbedded into Donna’s mind while in the 8th grade. After receiving a BA from Dillard,
Donna went to work for a fortune 500 company  as an Accountant and 10 years later, began to learned that becoming an entrepreneur was the
vehicle to be used to accomplish that 8th grade dream.
In 1995, Donna became an entrepreneur using Network Marketing as the vehicle and faced many years of challenges, obstacles, setbacks, roadblocks and many hours of hard work. After studying the industry and teaming up with Millionaires who were willing to mentor, guide and embrace her vision, she now transforms that knowledge into the minds of Young Adults through a Entrepreneur program that was embraced by several colleges throughout Texas and Louisiana. On June 15th, 2002 with only $313 in her bank account, Donna decided that it was time to put into action the knowledge that she had obtained over the years and in 28 months she earned her first Million dollars, the  2nd Million came and the rest is history. 
One of Donna Allen’s goal is to bridge the gap between the great entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one. The Ultimate is to build a safe haven complex that houses women that has been victims of domestic violence and train, empower and inspire them to reach their goals.
Donna believes that there are 4 key ingredients that anyone can embrace for success: 
#1. Have a genuine care for others
#2. Never give up on anyone
#3. Never prejudge anyone else’s ability
#4. Never forget to remain humble through it all”. 
Faith is the Key but Action unlocks the door…
Always Remember that “Preparation is the Key to Prosperity and The Profit is in the Journey”
God Bless and Prepare to Prosper

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